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Shoreline revegetation

In 2010, we have asked the "Société Sylvicole de la Haute Gatineau" to help us in stabilizing and revegetating a portion of the Chemin Gauvin shoreline.  The targeted area includes the shoreline in front of the properties situated from 58 to 90 chemin Gauvin.  This portion was subject to erosion and was lacking some natural vegetation.  Since that part of the shoreline is very narrow in some places, it was important to reforest the shoreline with shrubs to reduce the erosion.  An elaborate revegetation plan was developed following the onsite visit, the evaluation of the problems and the description of the corrective actions.  Thanks to the funding of the Municipality of La Pêche, we went ahead with the shoreline revegetation project in September 2010 under the supervision of the "Société Sylvicole de la Haute Gatineau".

Several volunteers contributed to the success of this project.  You can view some pictures taken during that day.

Picture 1         Picture 2

Future projects

If there is sufficient interest, we could work with the Société sylvicole de la Haute Gatineau and the Municipality of La Pêche on a project to revegetate other shoreline properties.

At the June 2010 AGM, Mr. Bussière mentioned that the municipality cannot subsidize individuals to revegetate their shoreline.  However, he mentioned that the ALDL could request funding on their behalf.  The amounts received would be shared amongst the interested persons.  If you are interested in revegetating your shoreline, please advise us via email at  We will then contact the municipality of La Pêche in order to request funding for such a project.

Project documentation for shoreline revegation

Revegetation plan (available only in french)
List of plants (only plant names are in english)